EMTs recognized by Ascension Health

EMTs Shuboy and Kidd recognized by St. John Providence, Ascension Health.

EMTs Sarah Shuboy and Justin Kidd from Universal Ambulance Service have a rig without high-tech monitors, so they relied on their training and clinical skills to determine that their patient was having a life-threatening heart attack. The two EMTs recently went to a 56-year-old male’s home with chest pain at a “10 out of 10.” The pain came in waves, his skin was cool and clammy, and he was nauseous. Sarah and Justin immediately suspected he was suffering from a heart attack and raced to St. John Hospital. The man was immediately taken to the Cath Lab and had a successful procedure to open his blocked artery. The run had a Door to Balloon time (blocked artery opened) of just 32 minutes. What a power duo!