Hope Not Handcuffs continues to spread their wings

Hope Not Handcuffs continues to spread their wings

Since the Families Against Narcotics initiative launched just over one year ago, over 1,000 Hope Not Handcuffs participants have been provided with resources and support against addiction. With the commitment and vision of Families Against Narcotics and the teamwork of participating Police Departments, Hope Not Handcuffs Angels, Operation RX, Universal Ambulance and other community partners, the Hope Not Handcuffs effort has continued to provide help and spread their support.

Beginning in February 2018, the City of Troy Police Department has joined Hope Not Handcuffs; individuals seeking help can walk into a Troy Police station and Officers will connect them with a program volunteer – a Hope Not Handcuffs Angel – and Universal Ambulance will provide any transportation needed free of cost.

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What Is It?
Hope Not Handcuffs is an initiative started by Families Against Narcotics (FAN), aimed at bringing law enforcement and community organizations together in an effort to find viable treatment options for individuals seeking help to reduce dependency with heroin, prescription drugs, and alcohol.

How It Works
A person struggling with any drug addiction can come to any of the participating police agencies and ask for help. They will be greeted with support, compassion and respect. If accepted into the program, the individual will be guided through a brief intake process to ensure proper treatment placement.

Universal’s Commitment
Universal Ambulance has multiple staff members trained as Angels and are actively involved in the Hope Not Handcuffs initiative. Additionally, Universal Ambulance can provide transportation to those in need free of cost – be it in an ambulance, wheelchair van, or simply a ride in one of our Angel Team Member’s support vehicles.